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    We deal with the following software products from Intellution: :

dassiFIX5.0 Ver  -  Provides real time information from the plant floor to business systems. Supports ActiveX Controls, OPC and embedded VBA, with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

basiBATCH  -  Powerful and feature rich S-88 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant batch automation solution. Facilitates monitoring, control and precise execution of each batch run.

basiHISTORIAN  -  Award-winning product for plant wide data historian. Scalable to 1,00,000 data points per server with storage and retrieval rate of 20,000 events per second.

basRTIP  -  A speedy internet browser solution for iFIX helping you attend to any production problems even in your absence.

basVersamax Series PLC - The Versamax product family can be used as I/O, as a PLC, and as distributed control for up to 4096 I/O points. With its modular architecture, intuitive features, and unparalleled ease of use, it helps save machine builders and end users time and money.

basSeries 90-30 and Series 90-70 PLCs - Series 90-70 PLC provides a comprehensive solution that is equal to the most demanding applications. With CPX family of CPUs, the Series 90-70 offers more for your automation dollar–more computing power, more memory for your applications, and more communications and redundancy capabilities. And with a wide range of isolated and high-density VME analog I/O modules, the Series 90-70 provides even more flexibility for a variety of applications.

basPAC Series Rx3i and Rx7i PLCs  - Built on a standard embedded open architecture, the PAC Systems RX7i is the first member of the groundbreaking PAC Systems family of programmable controllers (PACs). The RX7i features a single control engine and universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms. Designed to address mid- to high-end applications for OEMs, integrators, and end users, the RX7i is ideally suited for integrated solutions that require open architecture, large memory, distributed I/O and high performance.

In addition to the above, our teams has hands-on experience on these PLCs and are experts in configuration as well as Ladder Logic Development. We believe that through Plant Intelligence applications and functionality, companies can effectively leverage both production and enterprise data for a more accurate, more complete view of their overall business activities.

We are also equipped to carry out any kind of turnkey projects involving mechanical piping, installation of valves, equipments, electrical and electronic panels etc. We have qualified sub-contractors to carry out the job at site, with vast experience at various chemical, petro-chemical, oil & gas industries.